This Lepidolite necklace is made of genuine Lepidolite  with gold chain. It look very similar to Amethyst but it's a totally different crystal.
This Lepidolite necklace is good for anxiety. It helps you staying calm and it's great for people who have sleeping problem.
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Lepidolite Necklace

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This necklace is made with genuine Lepidolite, approximately 9mm by 6mm. The dainty necklace  is handmade in our San Francisco studio with careful craftsmanship, and the chain is available in different materials.


Lepidolite Associations:

- Chakra: Third Eye and Crown chakra.

- Zodiac: Libra.

- Element: Water. 


Lepidolite Properties:

- It assists with clearing out blockages and connecting to your higher self.

- It aids in overcoming emotional or mental dependency and helps treat addictions and all kinds conditions, including anorexia.

- It activates the throat, heart, third eye chakras and the intellect.

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely love!!

Lepidolite is one of my fav crystals and it’s so hard to find in cute jewelry form. I’m so glad I found this shop! I own it in silver and I’m considering buying in the gold form as well!

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