This natural moldavite jewelry is made of real moldavite with sterling silver chain.  This sterling silver chain is 18".  It's simple and dainty.
This moldavite necklace is made from a single genuine Czech moldavite gemstone.  We hand make the green gemstone necklace with a sterling silver chain.
This is small size moldavite necklace that is made of genuine Moldavite with 18" sterling silver chain.
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Moldavite Necklace

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Step into the mystic with our captivating Moldavite necklace, a celestial treasure born from an ancient meteor impact that occurred 15 million years ago in central Europe. This exquisite piece holds within it the transformative energy of that cosmic event, guiding you on a spiritual journey of awakening and self-discovery. As you adorn yourself with its delicate elegance, feel the gentle removal of blockages and obstacles that hinder your path to becoming your highest self. Let the genuine Moldavite gemstone release negative energy and emotions, creating space for light and positivity to flourish. Embrace the enchanting power of our Moldavite necklace and unlock the door to a world of spiritual growth and empowerment.

Moldavite Madness
Prior to August 2020, Moldavite was relatively unknown as a gemstone. However, a teenage girl named Sarah Hall shared a viral TikTok video that recounted how Moldavite prompted her to move across the country and turned her world upside down. This particular video became a controversial topic on TikTok and was eventually removed by the platform due to its polarizing response.

Subsequently, early 2021 saw multiple viral TikTok videos featuring individuals speaking candidly about their own transformative experiences with Moldavite. These videos, which went viral due to impressive viewer engagement, ultimately helped elevate Moldavite's visibility in the public consciousness. Thanks to the collective efforts of those who shared their Moldavite journey on the popular social media platform, this gemstone has emerged as a prominent and widely sought-after option.

Our Source
At S for Sparkle, we pride ourselves on offering only the finest, genuine gemstones. With Moldavite, there is no formal institution that issues certificates of authenticity; however, we can assure our customers that the Moldavite we use in our exquisite jewelry is sourced from a reputable 30-year-old German gemstone company that specializes in healing stones. They are dedicated to providing ethically sourced gemstones of the highest quality, which aligns perfectly with S for Sparkle's commitment to excellence. We have trusted their expertise since 2015, and we are confident that our customers will adore the stunning beauty and authenticity of our exquisite Moldavite jewelry.


- Genuine Moldavite from Czech Republic
- Moldavite size: Small 1g and Medium 2g 
- Made in sterling silver 
- 18" long
- Let us know if you need a different length

Moldavite Properties 
- It helps spiritual awakening.
- It removes blockages and obstacles on your path toward becoming your highest self.
- It helps releasing negative energy and emotions
- It's a heart chakra stone

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews

A bit of a late review, but this is the most beautiful necklace that I own and that I've ever seen. It's so delicate and yet it has a powerful energy. ✨️ 💖 Highly reccomend 💖

Brookelynn Swafford
Medium Moldavite Necklace

Super cute and dainty and I wear it everyday. I will be changing the chain. The one it came with is constantly getting caught in my hair. I do wish that there was a large size stone (3g). Also would love for there to be a gold option. Definitely would recommend it to others! There are no others like it on the market.

Gabriela R
Very pretty!

Good material, larger than i expected but not complaining!

Lisa Tonkin
Beautiful necklace

I ordered the med(2gram) necklace ... Absolutely beautiful... I could feel the energy of the stone when I removed it from my mailbox .. excellent craftsmanship.. paired mine with a separate Herkimer diamond necklace purchased from here also .

Jo Ing

Over the moon with my purchase and the beautiful S for Sparkle!! 10/10 would recommend.

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