Our story

My journey in the world of jewelry began back in 2006, when I stepped into the realm of creativity and craftsmanship. After graduating from metal art graduate school, I embarked on my path as a jewelry design intern. It wasn't an easy road, particularly as an immigrant forging my way in a new land. Yet, every challenge was a stepping stone in my journey of growth and self-discovery.

In 2015, I reached a significant milestone when I was granted permanent resident status in the US. It marked a turning point, an opportunity to weave my dreams into reality. Starting "S for Sparkle" was a leap of faith, born from the belief that beauty could be transformed into something more profound—a conduit for translating love and care.

The first five years were a hustle, an unwavering pursuit of financial independence. But amidst the pursuit of success, my true purpose remained veiled until 2020.

The catalyst was unexpected—a teenage girl's viral TikTok video discussing Moldavite, a gemstone I had been offering for years. As customers flocked to my online store seeking a crystal for self-discovery during the pandemic chaos, a deeper resonance emerged. I realized I was providing not just jewelry, but also comfort, tools for intention-setting, and a glimmer of hope.

In that moment, memories surfaced of a time when I became my family's emotional anchor after my brother's passing. The experience ignited my passion to transform my brand into a vessel for translating love and care.

I stand proud of those who brave self-discovery during challenging times, who offer gestures of affection to loved ones through meaningful gifts, and who prioritize their well-being by setting intentions through our jewelry. To me, it's an honor to serve, to forge a special connection.

This journey is for everyone who dares to navigate the depths of their being, who share their love with meaningful tokens, and who strive for self-improvement. It's a journey we undertake together—a journey where every piece crafted carries not only beauty but the essence of love, care, and intention. Here's to every step, every connection, and every transformation on this beautiful path we tread as one.

Kate aka Yuchun

Founder of S for Sparkle