Our story


Thank you so much for visiting my online shop.  My name is Kate, I am the owner of S for Sparkle.  I started S for Sparkle in 2015 as a weekend hobby in hope to make it a full time job so I can be with my dog 24/7.  

S for Sparkle focuses on teeny tiny everyday minimal jewelry. We are located in Dogpatch, San Francisco.  In our online shop, you will find necklaces that are made of tiny gemstone beads, super tiny stud earrings that you can layer with other stud earrings and dainty gemstone bracelets that are wire wrapped with small precious stones. 

Why shopping with us? Other than fast turnaround time and supporting local handmade business, maintaining high quality is always our priority. We offer life time repair service for all our jewelry.  

Do you ship to outside of US? Yes, we do. We have shipped our products to over 100 countries in the past 4 years. The furthest is Mauritius.

Do you have a brick and motor store? No, we are strictly an online business.  You can find retail stores who carry our jewelry in their shops. You can also find us at local popups. Occasionally, we invite our local customers for open studio and sample sales. 

Contact us directly if you have any question about our jewelry.  We respond all the emails within a few hours.