The iolite necklace is available in 14k gold, gold fill or sterling silver. This dainty purple necklace will help build strength to detoxify and help overcome bad habits.
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Iolite Necklace

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This dainty necklace is handcrafted in our San Francisco studio with care and attention to detail with a genuine Iolite, approximately 8mm by 6mm. The translucent nature of the stone makes this simple purple gemstone necklace the perfect accessory to match both casual and formal look.

Iolite Associations:

- Chakra: Third Eye.

- Zodiac: Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius.

- Element: Water.


Iolite Properties:

- It exudes clear communication and cosmic connections.

- It is known for bringing you back from the edge of disorientation and planting you firmly in your own body.

- It supports psychic abilities and sharpens your inner vision.


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