This geode necklace is a fun but elegant accessory. It's made of 18 inches sterling silver chain with real geode.
This is a small geode necklace what is handmade in san francisco.
S for Sparkle

Geode Necklace

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This geode necklace is a fun but elegant accessory.  Hand crafted in our San Francisco studio, the dainty geode necklace features a genuine small Brazilian geode gemstone, approximately 20mm by 13mm. 

Geode Properties:

- It helps you to communicate with divine beings, create better moods, equilibriums, and energies.

- It radiates positive energy in homes and workplace areas, and could further create chi flow.

- It produces positive energy and therefore all energy is regulated in its immediate environment.




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Selina Magaña

OKAY FIRST OF ALL, I don’t know how this doesn’t have any reviews because this piece of jewelry is sooo beautiful. I thought the geode was going to be a little big but when it arrived it was so cute & small, but big enough where you can still see the detail! It fits perfectly with S’s aesthetic of dainty <3

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