This is a 14k amethyst necklace that is made of 14k bezel set Diamond cut Amethyst with 14k gold chain
This is a side view of a 14k amethyst necklace that shows the diamond cut shape of the Amethyst crystal
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14K Amethyst Necklace

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This 14k amethyst necklace lets you embrace your inner calm. It’s made of 14k bezel set with 14k gold chain, and we think this shade would look great on anybody. This is a luxury item that’s ready to add to your jewelry box.

- Genuine Amethyst
- Amethyst size: approximately 6 mm
- Made in 14k solid gold
- Single size 18" 

Amethyst Crystal Properties 
- It enhances emotional intelligence
- It reduces stress & anxiety 
- It helps you remember your dream 
- It helps to ward off nightmares 
- It help you fight 

Special Meaning for Amethyst
- February birthstone
- 6th Wedding Anniversary

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