This is a white butterfly necklace that's made of MOP butterfly charm and 14k gold chain.
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White Butterfly Necklace

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The present is an exhilarating period in which we are undergoing profound transformation. The White butterfly emblemizes these alterations, as the butterfly symbolizes rebirth and white symbolizes our spirit. 


- Genuine Mother of Pearl
- MOP size: approximately 20mm by 13mm
- Made in gold filled, 14k solid gold or sterling silver
- Single size 16" or 18"
- Let us know if you need a longer size

Mother of Pearl Properties 
- It attracts prosperity.
- It heightens your intuition and psychic ability.
- It offers motherly protection from negative energy.


Customer Reviews

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Beautifully crafted mother of Pearl necklace

I ordered this gorgeous necklace and it far exceeded my expectations! The charm’s details are so gorgeous and the chain is so dainty. Perfect for anyone wanting to add a little magic around their neck!


In LOVE with this necklace. So dainty and perfect for everyday. The mother of Pearl butterfly is such a beautiful symbol and calming touchstone throughout the day. As always, it has the S for Sparkle quality so I know I can wear it everyday without worry.

Pure spirit

This butterfly represents so much to me. My 'totem', because it reflects rebirth of my spirit as I've gone through some challenges.
A transformation. The necklace is so well-made - - as always with this shop- - and I feel so good wearing it. The chain is delicate and works well with this mother-of-pearl butterfly shape. I feel lucky to have it and will cherish it's beauty and many meanings.
And yes, I feel that "touch of magic" !

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