This Libyan Desert Glass necklace is made of high quality genuine Libyan Desert Glass beads and gold chain.
This is a Libyan desert glass necklace with adjustable chain.  Libyan glass was formed by meteorite impact on earth
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Libyan Desert Glass Necklace

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Libyan Desert Glass necklace is believed to have healing properties, such as improving ones spirituality. It’s also believed to protect against any harmful psychic energy. Libyan Desert Glass is a result of a meteorite impact that occurred in the area approximately 28 million years ago. It contains a range of minerals and elements, including silica, which is commonly used in various forms of alternative medicine. Its name - Libyan Desert Glass - comes from the fact that it was found in the desert however it's origins are mysterious. Some believe that it was formed during a meteorite impact while others say it comes from the lost land Atlantis. Either way, those who own this unique gemstone say it promotes spiritual growth and helps you to connect with your higher self.

- Genuine Libyan Desert Glass beads
- Libyan Desert Glass bar size: approximately 0.5" long
- Made in gold filled 
- Adjustable chain 6" - 7" or 7" - 8"


Libyan Desert Glass Healing Properties
- Libyan Desert Glass promotes spiritual growth.
- It's believed to enhance intuition.
- Libyan Desert Glass protects you from any harmful psychic energy. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Isabelle Criddle

This is my favourite necklace, i love how dainty it is. It is made very well and the designer/maker is so nice

Annie Chang

This is my new favorite go-to jewelry. It goes well with everyday outfits!

Laura Pelkey
Beautiful piece

Gorgeous piece! Love it. Chain is beautiful as well

So beautiful!

This necklace is so gorgeous and dainty. I love this shop. The crystals are authentic, and you can always count on the pieces being beautiful and high quality. I also love the chain!

Madison Sharketti

I love this necklace so much! It’s so cute and dainty you can wear it with everything and not worry about it not matching. The chain had a few clasps so it is still adjustable even after ordering a certain size which is really nice.

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