This Libyan Desert Glass necklace is made of high quality genuine Libyan Desert Glass beads and gold chain.
This is a Libyan desert glass necklace with adjustable chain.  Libyan glass was formed by meteorite impact on earth
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Libyan Desert Glass Necklace

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Do you know that Libyan glass was formed the same way as Moldavite? A meteor hit the earth surface and melted the surrounding rocks. For Libyan glass it was the desert sand that was melted. 

This dainty Libyan desert glass necklace is made of 3 pieces of genuine Libyan desert glass originated from the Sahara Desert in North Africa, approximately 5mm. 

Libyan Desert Glass Associations:

- Chakra: All, with emphasis on Solar Plexus.

- Zodiac: Libra

- Element: Fire and Storm

Libyan Desert Glass Properties:

- It supports feelings of joy, curiosity, and playfulness.

- It is known to be effective manifestation tools as well as for enhancing spiritual healing.

- It protects you from any harmful psychic energy that could be stored in the physical and etheric bodies.

Customer Reviews

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Annie Chang

This is my new favorite go-to jewelry. It goes well with everyday outfits!

Laura Pelkey
Beautiful piece

Gorgeous piece! Love it. Chain is beautiful as well

So beautiful!

This necklace is so gorgeous and dainty. I love this shop. The crystals are authentic, and you can always count on the pieces being beautiful and high quality. I also love the chain!

Madison Sharketti

I love this necklace so much! It’s so cute and dainty you can wear it with everything and not worry about it not matching. The chain had a few clasps so it is still adjustable even after ordering a certain size which is really nice.


Love it

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