This dainty turquoise necklace is cute and simple.  It's made of a single real turquoise bead and 14k dainty gold chain.  The turquoise stone color is bright blue with some pyrite inclusion in it. Each gemstone is unique and no two are the same.
Dainty turquoise necklace is made of a single real turquoise gemstone and 14k dainty gold chain. The model is wear it at 18 inches.
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Turquoise Necklace

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The dainty Turquoise necklace is made with a single hand selected turquoise gemstone for a classic look.  Turquoise is a beautiful stone has been prized through the ages by Native Americans and ancient Greeks alike.  Today, our customers like the modern but simple look of the dainty turquoise necklace, and is perfect for someone with a December birthday or someone who appreciates this timeless gemstone.  Handcrafted in our San Francisco studio, the turquoise December birthstone necklace is available with 14k gold, gold fill or sterling silver chains.

- Set with genuine Turquoise
- Turquoise size: approximately 8 mm by 6 mm
- Made in gold filled, sterling silver or 14k solid gold
- Single size 16" or 18"

Customer Reviews

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Taylor Brisbane

Love this one, so stunning and dainty

Lily Keiderling

I love it!

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