This dainty turquoise necklace is cute and simple.  It's made of a single real turquoise bead and 14k dainty gold chain.  The turquoise stone color is bright blue with some pyrite inclusion in it. Each gemstone is unique and no two are the same.
Dainty turquoise necklace is made of a single real turquoise gemstone and 14k dainty gold chain. The model is wear it at 18 inches.
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Turquoise Necklace

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Indulge in the effortless charm and powerful energy of our turquoise necklace - the perfect embodiment of personal power and good luck. Handcrafted with genuine turquoise, this exquisite piece not only balances mood swings and relationships but also absorbs excessive energy, promoting a sense of inner harmony. Celebrate your December birth or 11th wedding anniversary with this beautiful and timeless symbol of grace and empowerment, where exceptional quality and genuine gemstones sparkle with a unique elegance.

- Set with genuine Turquoise
- Turquoise size: approximately 8 mm by 6 mm
- Made in gold filled, sterling silver or 14k solid gold
- Single size 16" or 18"
- Let us know if you need a longer size

Turquoise Crystal Properties
- It enhances communication ability 
- It promotes personal power and luck
- It absorbs excessive energy
- It balances mood swings and relationship
- It's throat chakra stone

Special Meaning for Turquoise 
- Turquoise is December birthstone
- Turquoise is 11th Wedding Anniversary

Customer Reviews

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Grace Bachman
Perfect and delicate

Love my necklace! It’s beautiful and delicate and the craftsmanship is lovely.

Taylor Brisbane

Love this one, so stunning and dainty

Lily Keiderling

I love it!

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