This simple sapphire necklace is made of one single real sapphire with dainty 14k gold chain.
This blue sapphire necklace is translucent and non opaque.  It's made of a genuine single sapphire bead around 8mm by 5 mm with a sterling silver chain.
This is a dainty sapphire necklace made of dainty gold filled chain and one single real sapphire.  It's adjustable you can wear it at 16 inches to 18 inches long.
S for Sparkle

Sapphire Necklace

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Introducing our exquisite sapphire necklace, a sparkling testament to the power of self-expression and communication. Handcrafted with genuine sapphires, this dazzling piece not only showcases your unique style but also encourages a harmonious flow of words, empowering you to express yourself with grace and confidence. With its mesmerizing beauty and calming energy, this necklace becomes a radiant talisman that centers and quiets the mind, allowing your inner voice to shine through effortlessly. Embrace the allure and tranquility our sapphire necklace brings, and let it become a symbol of your inner strength and clarity of thought.

- Genuine Sapphire
- Sapphire size: approximately 8 mm by 5 mm
- Made in gold filled, sterling silver or 14k solid gold
- Single size 16" or 18"
- Let us know if you need a longer size

Sapphire Crystal Properties
- Sapphire helps self-expression and communication
- It focuses and calms the mind
- It assists you with legal matters when it's worn on the right hand
- It's throat chakra stone

Special Meaning for Sapphire
- Sapphire is September birthstone
- Sapphire is for 5th Wedding Anniversary

Customer Reviews

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Selina Magaña
My Favorite!

I had been SEARCHING for like the perfect sapphire necklace & I didn’t find any I liked until I came across her business! I fell in love with her jewelry & how simple yet beautiful & dainty it is. This sapphire I feel, fits me perfectly. PLUS, it has not gone bad at all from the few times I’ve showered with it!

Neesa Thomas
Sapphire Necklace

I would like to first start off by saying how incredibly sweet and helpful S was! It makes this small business more worthwhile purchasing from.
I’ve been wearing my Sapphire gem since I’ve gotten it, and have had no problems. I wear it in the shower and it has yet to rust or become dull on me.
The adjustable chain makes it perfect for anyone.
Just the perfect dainty necklace that you can wear casually or wear out.
Love everything about my piece and the brand :)

Devin Kelly

I love this necklace. the stone its self is so dynamic and pretty. I love to inspect it under the sunlight. its so pretty.

Also S, is so sweet, nice, and super helpful. They even let me pick my own stone out. ahaha

I love this brand. I also recommend the Moldavite Necklace. I bought two of those so far. One for me and one for my roommate. He loves it.

The chain quality is nice too, It Hasnt tarnished at all. Im shocked. And Im pretty rough on my jewelry. So that is great.

You can beat the quality for the price in my opinion. and S makes it worth it.

xoxoxox Devin

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