The rainbow moonstone necklace is adjustable from 16 inches to 18 inches long.
The dainty moonstone necklace that we make features a single genuine moonstone and is attached to a 14k gold, gold fill or sterling silver chain.
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Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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The dainty moonstone necklace that we make features a single genuine moonstone, approximately 8mm by 6mm. The ancient Romans believed that moonstones were the solidified rays of the moon. This gem stone is a reminder that everything is part of a cycle of change.  In more recent times, Art Nouveau masters often featured moonstones in their creations.  


Moonstone Associations: 

- Charka: Third Eye, Solar Plexus. 

- Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio.

- Element: Water.


Moonstone Crystal Properties:

- It strengthens your intuition.
- It opens yourself to spiritual gifts.
- It offers protection during night time and water travel.

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Farris

Absolutely love this necklace! It’s the perfect piece for my everyday wear.

When I was looking through the site this stone resonated with me. Moonstones are special because they are cancer stones, which is my stone. They have power of helping your intuition but also is for new beginnings. Shipping was suppose to be 4-6 weeks but it actually came in early and just in time for my birthday. Felt meant to be 💕 love the communication that S for Sparkle has had with me on my purchase. Such a great brand to support and love the crystal

Coup de coeur assuré !

Cette pierre est envoutante ! Elle n'a jamais la même couleur que ce soit au soleil ou à l'ombre, elle a de magnifiques reflets bleus.
Je l'associe avec la pierre de Soleil Oregon car je trouve qu'elles se complètent à merveille
Coup de coeur assuré!

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