This is a moldavite pendant that is made of genuine Moldavite with sterling silver
This moldavite pendant size is tiny. It's small but powerful.
S for Sparkle

Moldavite Pendant

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** There is no formal institution that issue certificates of authenticity for Moldavite. The Moldavite certificates you see in the market are printed by sellers.  To learn how to identify genuine Moldavite please visit this GIA gemological institute of america article

This moldavite pendant is made from a single genuine Czech moldavite gemstone.  Moldavite is one of the most interesting gemstones – it was created by the heat caused by an ancient meteor impact 15 million years ago in central Europe.  In the middle ages, this green gemstone was highly prized and strictly reserved for nobility and royal families because it was thought to bring good luck and protection.   

- Genuine Moldavite 
- Moldavite size: XS ( baby size )
- Made in sterling silver 

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It was so Beautiful. I loved it !!!!!

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