This is a moldavite pendant that is made of genuine Moldavite with sterling silver
This moldavite pendant size is tiny. It's small but powerful.
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Moldavite Pendant

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Unleash the captivating power of our Moldavite pendant and embark on a journey of spiritual awakening. Crafted from a gemstone born 15 million years ago, in the fiery aftermath of an ancient meteor impact in central Europe, this pendant exudes a mesmerizing allure. As you wear it close to your heart, feel the gentle energy of Moldavite removing blockages and obstacles that hinder your path to becoming your highest self. Embrace the liberation from negative energy and emotions, and embrace the radiant transformation that awaits.

Moldavite Madness
Prior to August 2020, Moldavite was relatively unknown as a gemstone. However, a teenage girl named Sarah Hall shared a viral TikTok video that recounted how Moldavite prompted her to move across the country and turned her world upside down. This particular video became a controversial topic on TikTok and was eventually removed by the platform due to its polarizing response.

Subsequently, early 2021 saw multiple viral TikTok videos featuring individuals speaking candidly about their own transformative experiences with Moldavite. These videos, which went viral due to impressive viewer engagement, ultimately helped elevate Moldavite's visibility in the public consciousness. Thanks to the collective efforts of those who shared their Moldavite journey on the popular social media platform, this gemstone has emerged as a prominent and widely sought-after option.

Our Source
At S for Sparkle, we pride ourselves on offering only the finest, genuine gemstones. With Moldavite, there is no formal institution that issues certificates of authenticity; however, we can assure our customers that the Moldavite we use in our exquisite jewelry is sourced from a reputable 30-year-old German gemstone company that specializes in healing stones. They are dedicated to providing ethically sourced gemstones of the highest quality, which aligns perfectly with S for Sparkle's commitment to excellence. We have trusted their expertise since 2015, and we are confident that our customers will adore the stunning beauty and authenticity of our exquisite Moldavite jewelry.

- Genuine Moldavite 
- Moldavite size: XS ( baby size )
- Made in sterling silver 

Moldavite Properties 
- It helps spiritual awakening.
- It removes blockages and obstacles on your path toward becoming your highest self.
- It helps releasing negative energy and emotions
- It's a heart chakra stone


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kelly Runau
Beautiful ♡

I was so excited to find such a pretty Moldavite pendant! The shipping was incredibly fast and it fit perfectly upon my chain- I've worn it every day since, and I adore it ♡

Kayla McClellan
love love love my moldavite

Such a beautiful necklace, amazing addition to my collection I could not be more satisfied. This is my second purchase, my first was the carnelian necklace and I love it so much as well. Very special pieces to me. Thank you!!!

The best ever

This is my second time buying from this shop and I can't tell you all how much her moldivite has helped me a lot this is the second pendant I'm buying due to the other one getting lost still confused on that but when I tell you she has some good stuff shes got some good stuff this shop is definitely my go to for crystals

charlie Mckenna

felt the energy from day 1 and it definitely made some changes in my life for the better. the postage was a bit long but i do live in europe so i can see why but overall i am very happy

Journey Weatherbee
This bad boy is so powerful I LOVE

I’ve had it for a while and I’m not a professional so I can’t tell you how it’s scientifically real but I can tell you that I’m sure it’s real! I’ve had it for quite a long time and it’s still my favourite piece of jewelry. It’s so powerful! I very much trust this one guys.

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