This is a Black Onyx bracelet that is made of gold filled chain. We use unique wire wrapping techniqe to make the flower shape in black onyx beads.
This dainty gold bracelet is made of black onyx beads with 14k gold chain. Black Onyx is the gemstone for protection and grounding your energy.
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Mia Black Onyx Bracelet

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Introducing the Mia Collection's exquisite Onyx Bracelet, a captivating masterpiece skillfully crafted with advanced wire wrapping techniques. Immerse yourself in the allure of this unique piece that seamlessly marries artistry and elegance. The bracelet features a mesmerizing black onyx centerpiece, renowned for its powerful healing properties that promote inner strength and balance. Each meticulously wrapped wire accentuates the natural beauty of the onyx, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and symbolism. Elevate your style with this handcrafted accessory that not only reflects the artisan's mastery but also serves as a wearable talisman, bringing forth the protective and grounding energies of black onyx. Embrace the Mia Collection's commitment to craftsmanship and holistic well-being as you adorn yourself with this timeless Onyx Bracelet.

- Wire wrapped with 2mm black onyx beads
- Made in gold filled, sterling silver or 14k solid gold
- Adjustable chain

Onyx Crystal Properties
- It help improving harmony in intimate relationship
- It grounds you and absorbs excessive sexual desire
- Onyx is also a protective stone for night time and lonely places
- Onyx soothes your tension and calms your worry
- Black Onyx is root chakra stone

Special Meaning for Onyx
- Onyx is 7th Wedding Anniversary gemstone

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