This dainty sapphire necklace is made of genuine sapphire beads and 14k gold chain.  We can make it in sterling silver or gold filled chain with extender.
S for Sparkle

Dainty Ombre Sapphire Necklace

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Introducing our captivating Ombre Sapphire Necklace, a true testament to the power of self-expression and grace. Crafted with genuine sapphire gemstones, each delicate bead resonates with the ability to unlock your true voice and stir the depths of authentic communication. As you wear this exquisite piece, feel the calming embrace of sapphire's enchanting aura, offering clarity and tranquility to your mind. And let us not forget, sapphire is the September birthstone, a symbol of loyalty and wisdom, making this necklace a meaningful gift for yourself or a loved one. Illuminate your style with the mesmerizing allure of our Ombre Sapphire Necklace, and embrace the confidence that comes from within.

- Genuine Sapphire
- Sapphire size: approximately 3 mm by 3 mm
- Made in gold filled, sterling silver or 14k solid gold
- Single size 16" or 18"
- Let us know if you need a longer size

Sapphire Properties
- Sapphire helps self-expression and communication
- It focuses and calms the mind
- It assists you with legal matters when it's worn on the right hand
- It's throat chakra stone

Special Meaning for Sapphire
- Sapphire is September birthstone
- Sapphire is for 5th Wedding Anniversary

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