Malachite earrings are made in San Francisco.
This is a pair of green gemstone earrings made of 6mm Malachite beads
This dainty drop earings are made of Malachite and gold filled wire.
There are simple and dainty earrings made of Malachite gemstone beads.
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Malachite Drop Earrings

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This is a pair of Malachite earrings which are made of genuine Malachite and handmade french wires. They are classic and great as everyday earrings. It's perfect for people who like minimal jewelry. 

- Genuine Malachite 
- Malachite size is 4mm or  6mm
- Made of gold filled or solid 14k gold

Special Care for Malachite
Malachite is a copper ore which can be toxic if you use Malachite to make moon water. You should never shower with Malachite jewelry on nor cleanse Malachite in water.

Malachite Crystal Properties
- It absorbs negative energy
- It help you to overcome fears associated with air travel
- Malachite protects against evil spirit
- Malachite facilitates deep emotional healing

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