This is a 888 Angel number necklace that is made of 888 gold filled charm and dainty gold filled chain.
This is a sterling silver 888 Angel Number necklace. We can make it in 16" or 18" for you.
We layer 2 of the 888 necklaces to show you 16" and 18" necklaces. The top one is a gold 888 Angel number necklace and the bottom one is a silver 888 Angel number necklace.
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888 Angel Number Necklace

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6/7/2024 we are currently working on the gold filled version of 888 necklace. Please sign up the email notification when it's available again.

Angel number 888 meaning is success and financial good luck. If the universe is sending you 888, you're moving in the right direction! Abundance is within your grasp. 

This 888 Angel number charm is made by our production partner in Rhode Island USA using laser cutting machine. We complete this necklace in our San Francisco design studio. It's light weight and dainty. 

- Charm size is 12mm by 7mm
- Gold Filled or Sterling Silver 
- Chain is 16" or 18"

Customer Reviews

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Game changer!

Omgeee! I'm all about creating anchors to inspire abundance but didn't expect to manifest money so quickly. When I received my beautiful necklace, I did an intention setting practice to activate abundance and prosperity on the necklace. Every day that I've worn it since, I'm been receiving unexpected money. Sometimes $100, sometimes $600 or somewhere in between. 😍


I love my new 888 necklace, It matches so well with my Carnelian necklace and is my new staple!

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