This is a 111 Angel number necklace that is made of gold filled material.
This is a sterling silver 111 angel number necklace. It can be made in 16 inches or 18 inches long
There are 2 of 111 necklaces on the model. The top one is a gold 111 angel number necklace that is 16" long and the second one is a sterling silver 111 Angel necklace that is 18" long.
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111 Angel Number Necklace

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Angel number 111 means you have the power to manifest your dreams. It is thought to symbolize new beginnings or a new cycle.  It also means that your angels are bringing positive things in your life. You have to be prepared for something good that is coming. 

This 111 Angel number charm is made by our production partner in Rhode Island USA using laser cutting machine. We complete this necklace in our San Francisco design studio. It's light weight and dainty. 

- Charm size is 11mm by 8mm
- Gold Filled or Sterling Silver 
- Chain is 16" or 18"

Customer Reviews

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Tone Iverson

This is the fourth necklace I have purchased this store. I found you on TIkTok originally and the fact that you were close to Reno where I was living at the time, made it more special. Love everything at this store and the dainty jewlery. I will be ordering more in the future.

Alexandria Dilley
Beautiful dainty necklace

My partner’s (of 10 years) grandfather passed away suddenly on Easter this year and he was extremely close with his grandfather, we all loved him dearly! My partner was even named after his grandfather and coincidentally I have the same name as his grandfather, Alex! And ever since his passing me and my partners whole family have been seeing 111 everywhere! And even in the weirdest places! So we took that as a sign that he is with us, and I bought myself, and my partners sister and going to buy his mom one when the silver ones come back in stock so we can all have a reminder that he is close to us! ❤️✨

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