Moldavite Q&A

What is Moldavite

Moldavite is a type of Tectite – a gemstone formed by the collision of a meteorite on the Earth’s surface and the subsequent melting of surrounding rocks.  It is a green colored gemstone that is prized all over the world for its beauty and it’s energy. All moldavite was created from a large meteor that hit central Europe 14.7 million years ago, an impact that created the Ries crater in Southern Germany.  Today, moldavite is mainly found about 500km away from the crater in the southern Bohemia region of the Czech Republic. 


How to identify genuine Moldavite

1. Moldavite is mined underground and sometimes has dirt stuck in the texture, while fake ones can look ‘too perfect’ and clean.

2. Genuine moldavite is non-flourescent, while many fakes are fluorescent.

3. Real moldavite has a an atypical shape, while fakes are often ‘too perfect’ with an even texture.

4. Natural moldavite has lechatelierite needles that you can often spot, especially in the faceted pieces.

 Based on articles from GIA

How to clear the energy before wearing it 

Before you use it please clear its energy by holding the Moldavite under tap water or soaking it in salt water for a few minutes. If you don’t like to use water you can place it on top of salt or brown rice overnight.


How to set your intentions
You can activate your intentions by holding the Moldavite in your hands and picture light surrounding it. Then set your intentions.


Can I shower with my Moldavite necklace?

Yes, you can shower with it.


Is it safe to swim with the Moldavite necklace in the ocean?

Yes you can wear it while swimming in the ocean. The salt water won’t damage the Moldavite.


Is it okay to wear the moldavite necklace 24/7?

Absolutely! I personally like to take it off before bed. Sometimes it keeps me up at night.


Can I wear my Moldavite necklace with other crystal necklaces?

Yes you can. Many people wear 2-3 different type of crystal necklaces together.


Will I feel the energy from my Moldavite necklace?

I got a mixture of feedback from customers with different experiences. Some people feel the energy right away while a small amount of people said they didn’t feel the connection and energy. I personally feel intense while wearing it.