This dainty gold filled ring is a super cute ring.
There are 3 dainty gold filled ring including dainty solitaire gold filled ring, gold filled twist ring and gold filled pinky ring.
S for Sparkle

Dainty Solitaire Ring

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A delicate solitaire ring with a dainty frame, this 2mm cubic zirconia and gold filled wire ring is perfect for stacking or wearing by itself. The minimal design will look great with both your professional outfits, as well as your casual ones.

- Cubic Zirconia size is 2mm
- Made of gold filled wire
- Available in sizes 5-8

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Shah

I wanted a cute dainty engagement ring. I was on my lunch from work and saw a little pop up that Kate was doing! She was sooooo sweet and kind! I was telling her about my wedding and my best friend! This ring makes the most perfect engagement ring! It’s perfect and EXACTLY what I was looking for. This is so me and my dream ring. I’m not big on gems and diamonds, but this tiny one shines and sparkles in the sunlight!

Dainty and polished

The perfect dainty ring to wear on my middle finger next to my wedding ring. So polished and pretty, and the Zirconia is sparkly and eye-catching. It was the perfect design and size I was looking for.
I take it off at night, and don't wear doing dishes or house and gardening chores. I want to keep it perfect and shiny !

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