Dainty tiger eye necklace is made with a single tiger eye gemstone.
This tigers eye necklace is constructed in our San Francisco studio and available with a 14k gold, gold fill or sterling silver chain.
The tiger eye stone necklace meaning is believed to help with harmony and balance
S for Sparkle

Tiger Eye Necklace

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Experience the enchanting power of our Tiger Eye Necklace, a magnificent piece designed to effortlessly manifest your goals and bring grounding during chaotic times. Allow the mesmerizing tiger eye gemstones to help you focus your mind and approach problems with clarity and objectivity, empowering you to conquer any challenge that comes your way. Elevate your inner strength and radiate confidence with this exquisite necklace that combines beauty, sophistication, and a touch of sparkle.

- Set with genuine Tiger Eye
- Tiger Eye size: approximately 8 mm by 7 mm
- Made in gold filled, sterling silver or 14k solid gold
- Single size 16" or 18"
- Let us know if you need a longer size

Tiger Eye Properties
- It helps you to manifest your goals
- It grounds you during chaotic time
- It help to focus your mind and resolve problems objectively
- It's solar plexus chakra stone

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