These are pearl cross hoop huggie earrings that can be made of gold filled or sterling silver.
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Pearl Cross Hoop Earrings

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Adorn your ears with elegance and meaning with our Pearl Cross Earrings—a testament to the intersection of timeless beauty and symbolism. Each luminous pearl, evoking the celestial power of the moon, not only radiates grace but also enhances personal integrity. The cross, transcending its traditional connotations, symbolizes the convergence of diverse forces, creating a captivating design that embodies balance and harmony. These earrings are more than just accessories; they encapsulate a narrative of innocence, faith, and the extraordinary impact of significant moments. Elevate your style with the subtle sophistication of our Pearl Cross Earrings—a perfect blend of grace and meaning, designed to resonate with the essence of your unique journey.

- Genuine Pearl Cross beads
- Hoop diameter 13 mm
- Hoop thickness 2 mm
- Post thickness 22 gauge

-  Gold filled or sterling silver 
- Sold in pair

Pearl properties
- It bestows power of the moon
- Pearl enhances personal integrity 
- It signifies innocence and faith
- Pearl is a crown chakra stone

Special Meaning for Pearl
- Pearl is June birthstone
- Pearl is 3rd Wedding Anniversary gemstone

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