This is an evil eye bracelet that will offer protection of your spirit.
This is a cute evil eye bracelet is made of gold filled chain with mother of pearl evil eye charm with lapis lazuli bead.
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Evil Eye Bracelet

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Introducing our exquisite Evil Eye Bracelet, a stunning piece that intertwines elegance with profound symbolism. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Evil Eye centerpiece, delicately made from luminous mother of pearl, serves as a beacon of protection against negative energies. At the end of the adjustable extender, discover a lapis lazuli crystal, renowned for its historical association with shielding and promoting inner truth. The Evil Eye, deeply rooted in cultural beliefs, is revered across various traditions for its ability to safeguard against malevolent glances and ill intentions. This bracelet isn't just an accessory—it's a fusion of beauty and ancient symbolism, a subtle yet powerful reminder of protection and positivity.

- Genuine Evil Eye Mother of Pearl and Lapis Lazuli bead
- Made in gold filled, sterling silver or 14k solid gold
- Adjustable chain 6" - 7" or 7"-8"
- Let us know if you need a longer size 

Evil Eye meanings
- It protects against envy and negative energy.
- It's an amulet that can ward off evil spirits, curses, and misfortune.
- It helps you to maintain spiritual well-being.

Mother of Pearl Properties
- It attracts prosperity.
- It heightens your intuition and psychic ability.
- It offers motherly protection from negative energy.
- It's a crown chakra stone.

Lapis Lazuli Properties
- It shields against negative energies
- It enhances spiritual awareness
- It promotes clear communication
- It fosters intellectual abilities and enhances creativity
- It's throat chakra stone

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