This is a fresh water pearl bracelet. It's for people who enjoy minimal and dainty style.
This is a dainty fresh water pearl bracelet that's made in our san francsico jewelry studio.
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Sofia Pearl Bracelet

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This Dainty Pearl Bracelet is a graceful embodiment of timeless elegance and profound symbolism. Each delicate pearl, meticulously wire wrapped, carries with it the celestial energy of the moon, bestowing upon the wearer a sense of tranquility and emotional equilibrium. Beyond its luminous exterior, this bracelet is a subtle reminder to embrace personal integrity, navigating life with sincerity and loyalty. Symbolizing innocence and faith, each pearl on this dainty piece encapsulates the wearer's inner journey, fostering a connection to the pure essence of being. Aligned with the crown chakra, the bracelet holds a spiritual resonance, encouraging a harmonious balance between the physical and spiritual realms. As you adorn yourself with this dainty pearl bracelet, you not only grace your wrist with a timeless accessory but also carry with you the deeper meanings of purity, authenticity, and the enduring beauty that unfolds with each moment.

- Wire wrapped with 3mm Pearl beads
- Total of 7 Pearl beads
- Made in gold filled or 14k gold
- Adjustable chain 6" - 7" or 7" - 8"

Pearl properties
- It bestows power of the moon
- Pearl enhances personal integrity 
- It signifies innocence and faith
- Pearl is a crown chakra stone

Special Meaning for Pearl
- Pearl is June birthstone
- Pearl is 3rd Wedding Anniversary gemstone

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Prushti Patel
so classy!!

Love this classy pearl bracelet! Matches everything I never take it off!!

Pearl beeson

My name is pearl so of course I had to get this perfect pearl bracelet:))) and it’s even better in person!! So cute and dainty I LOVE it!

Madeline Johnson
Best bracelet ever!!

Ok I thought the pearl bracelet was cute online... it’s PERFECT in person!! Seriously cannot believe how much I love it.

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