These rainbow hoop earrings are made of 6 different gemstone beads to create the rainbow colors.  They can be used as chakras earrings
The rainbow chakra earrings are made in different type of gemstones in our jewelry studio in san francisco.
These sunrise hoop earrings are made of different rainbow color gemstone crystals. They are super cute earrings and each pair is one of a kind.
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Rainbow Hoop Sunrise Earrings

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These rainbow hoop earrings are made from hand-picked gemstones including red agate, orange garnet, yellow citrine, green peridot, blue apatite and violet iolite to create a playful rainbow effect.  Some of our spiritual customers love these earrings for their connection to chakra energy.  We make them by hand by wire wrapping with fine craftsmanship.

- 2mm Red Agate, Orange Garnet, Citrine, Peridot ,Blue Apatite, Iolite
- Hoop size: approximately 1"
- Post thickness 21 gauge
- Handmade in sterling silver, gold fill or 14k gold

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