This is a ombre opal necklace made of real fire opal beads and gold chain.  This opal bead necklace can be made in 14k gold, sterling silver or gold filled chain.
This is a real fire opal necklace is made of ombre opal and 14k gold chain.  It can also be made in sterling silver or gold filled chain. It's unique opal necklace
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Ombre Fire Opal Necklace

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The real fire opal necklace is made from hand chosen genuine fire opals from Mexico and showcases the beauty of these cherished gemstones.  The dainty opal necklace is showcases the shades of orange from a light orange opal to a deep dark orange gem.  The fire opal reflects the strength that burns in all of us with a gemstone as powerful as it is pretty.  The fire opal is thought to act as a protector against danger and an amplifier of energy, plus it looks unique!  Each opal necklace is made in our San Francisco studio with utmost care and quality with a 14k, gold fill or sterling silver chain.
- Genuine Fire Opal beads
- Fire Opal bead size: approximately 3mm by 3mm
- Made in gold filled, sterling silver or 14k solid gold
- Adjustable chain 16" - 18" or single size for 14k gold

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