Mother's Day Gift Guide for the Creative Mom

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I am Debra. Kate asked me to compile a list of my top 10 Mother's Day gifts since I happen to be a mom and more than a bit opinionated about what I like. Some would call me picky. Aside from being a mother and a visual artist, I'm the buyer and merchandiser for a locally owned and designed pet product retailer, George, and an environmental activist with the San Francisco Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. 

Kate and I have been good friends for years now. With my Surfrider Foundation work, Kate generously volunteers as our web designer for an annual art and education event, Message in a Bottle. Together, we raise awareness about ocean plastic pollution to thousands of visitors each year. Here's our website if you'd like to take a look at what we do Message in a Bottle

How you holding up there? Hopefully, your Shelter in Place isn't too rough. We're in this together. and we're almost there! Mother's Day is just a week away. 

Well, this is a quick and strange list but honestly, I love and either own everything here or want to. Most of it's local.
1. Dainty Jewelry by S for Sparkle
This ombré genuine ruby bracelet is my favorite birthstone bracelet.
On the top of my wish list is this luxurious Nefertari bracelet made for a goddess in gold and ruby. Plus rubies are my birthstone (hint, hint, son!) Kate's jewelry is perfection, all hand made by her personally. I own a few pairs of her hoop earrings and they always seem to be in my constant rotation. Probably because they elevate any look. The ones I wear the most are her lapis lazuli and her amazonite hoop earrings although lately I've been eyeing the pearl ones to wear with a classic look. For super cool moms who get extra bonus gifts, I highly recommend the David Bowie lightning bolt studs! 
2. Bucket Hat by Kristina Micotti
This hat by Kristina Micotti makes me happy
This hat makes me happy and I'd imagine that wearing it would bring a smile to anyone I encounter. Plus, it's perfect for covering my sheltering-in-place grey sprouts until my salon opens back up.
3. Beauty Line by Neals Yard Remedies Organic
Best smelling body cream, hand cream and skin care products by NYR Organic
This is the highest integrity and best smelling beauty line in all the world. I have super sensitive skin and synthetic scents not only irritate my nose, they're endocrine disruptors and can cause cancer. The essential oils used to make these clean products are aromatherapeutic and depending on the blends, give me energy, focus, calm, and bliss. Everything they make is pure and wonderful.
4. CBD body oil by CC Apothecary
Use Handcrafted CBD body by CC Apothecary when I have a stressful day.
I use this local, handcrafted CBD body oil whenever I've had a tough workout or stressful day. I love the scent of this and it's healing properties. It's hemp flowers, calendula petals, arnica flowers, St John's Wort, and rosemary leaves are hand ground and blended with olive, coconut, jojoba and tumeric oils in the Santa Cruz mountains.
5. Floral Paintings by Tucker Nichols
Floral painting by Tucker Nichols
I love the simple sophistication of Tucker Nichols' work and that he's so dearly human. Follow him on Instagram! And if you can splurge, he has new floral paintings on his website for a reasonable $500 which is a great investment considering that his work sells for $10,000 upwards.
6. Collage Kit by Denise Fiedler
Favorite collage kit by Denise Fiedler
Another favorite local artist, Denise Fiedler hosts collage workshops and has really fun collage kits, too. Or if you want to up your mom game, order a custom portrait (samples on her site) prices starting at $54. She'll also send a handwritten card directly to your mother if you're running out of time. 
7. Metal Watercolor Box by CfM
Metal watercolor box by CfM
Because of our Shelter in Place orders, it appears that many of CFM's handmade watercolors are out of stock. But I covet this metal watercolor box and it would be such a great gift with a gift certificate for watercolor pans to fill it. Its really great for rambles both local and hopefully, worldwide soon!
8. Tape Dispenser by Wisdom Supply Co.
Plastic free tape dispenser by wisdom supply co.
On the subject of art supplies, my son just bought me this for Christmas and it's solid gold. Hands down the best tape dispenser you'll ever own and the last one you'll ever need.  You can fill it with their plastic free paper craft tape and cellulose clear tape. Oh, and check out their wall or table mount pencil sharpener. Actually, I love all of their supplies and their mission!
9. Cute Socks by Blue Q
Cute woman socks by Blue Q always make me laugh
And I always wear these socks cause they make me laugh.
10. Beautiful Flowers by Farmgirl Flowers
And flowers ALWAYS! I absolutely ALWAYS love flowers, everyday, any occasion, no occasion, just because.